Property File outside WAR for Weblogic


Deploy a WAR to Weblogic and the property files need to be outside the WAR.

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WSDL in Weblogic Cluster Environment


1. Weblogic Cluster架構

2. 安裝WebService於Managed Server A

3. 前端有L4 Switch分配Request

4. 對外使用 Virtual IP

5. 使用 http://Virtual IP:Port/….?WSDL 查看WSDL內容, schemaLocation顯示Managed Server A’s IP而不是Virtual IP,

<xsd:import … schemaLocation=”http://Managed Server A:Port/…xsd”  />

當Managed Server A出問題時, 便找不到xsd的位置, 導致Client無法載入WSDL.

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