Apache BeanUtils




Bean對拷,用在基本型別,不適用Deep Copy,需客製

 BeanUtils.copyProperties(target, source);

由於 Long 等 Object 在做 Copy 時,預設會轉成Default Value (If Long Object is Null, default is new Long(0));如果要維持 Null,則需Register Converter (針對個別資料型態)

 ConvertUtilsBean converter = BeanUtilsBean.getInstance().getConvertUtils();
 converter.register(new LongConverter(null), Long.class);

如果所有資料型態都要維持 Null,則為:

 ConvertUtilsBean converter = BeanUtilsBean.getInstance().getConvertUtils();
 converter.register(false, true, 0);



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