Spring JDBC Tips

Version: 4.3.1


For stored procedure, function

Cannot create one SimpleJdbcCall for many stored procedures/functions (once initialized, later change won’t work. For example, to call another stored procedure… )

public DataSource dataSource;

public Map<String, Object> callStoredProcedure(String procedureName, final Map<String, Object> params) {
 SimpleJdbcCall jdbcCall = new SimpleJdbcCall(dataSource).withProcedureName(procedureName);
 return jdbcCall.execute(params);


For query, insert, delete, stored procedure, function…

@Resource(name = "jdbcTemplate")
public JdbcTemplate jdbcTemplate;

public List<MyObject> find(String id) {
 List<MyObject> list = jdbcTemplate.query(FIND_BY_ID_SQL,
  new RowMapper<MyObject>() {
   public MyObject mapRow(ResultSet rs, int rowNum) throws SQLException {
    MyObject myObject = new MyObject();
    return myObject;
  }, id);




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