Bluetooth failed to resume after being left idle



Win7 Enterprise


I often use Bluetooth to exchange files.

Recently I got a new laptop and tried to set up Bluetooth. Because I use LAN, I often switch off Wi-Fi, after turning off Wi-Fi, I cannot find Bluetooth anymore; then I realized toggling this switch will affect all the wireless connections including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (I thought they should be separated…).

I sent couple of files and sent another one later but I cannot connect Bluetooth anymore. I must turn on/off the wireless switch again to reconnect it (what the …).

Finally, I accidentally found out that Bluetooth adapter has a  Power Management property, so I just unchecked the save-power property, then everything works fine now.


Step 1. Turn on the wireless switch.

Step 2. Click the Start button and type “Device Manager”

Step 3. Expand Bluetooth Radios→Generic Bluetooth Adapter→Power Management→uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off…”→OK

(It took hours to find the solution…)




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