Property File outside WAR for Weblogic


Deploy a WAR to Weblogic and the property files need to be outside the WAR.


Method 1. Add the path of the property files in the [app domain]/bin/ or


Method 2. Put the property files under [app domain]

Method 3. Use a deployment plan to override the property files.

Step1: create a deployment plan directory structure, such as

deployment/app/  ← xxx.war

deployment/plan/ ← plan.xml (will be generated after deploy the war file from Weblogic Console)

deployment/plan/AppFileOverrides/ ←

Step2: Connect to Weblogic Console → Deployments → Install → Select  path: deployment/app/xxx.war → Next… → Finish

The property files will replace those under /WEB-INF/classes.

(This works for the Managed Server that you do not know where it is located)

Reference: Generic File Loading Overrides


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